torsdag 31 maj 2012

små hemliga kärleksbrev.

Några fina från Letters to crushes.

This pulsing object in my chest seems to misbehave more in your presence.

It amazes me how far out of my league my boyfriend is. But what completely baffles me is how he thinks he's the lucky one.

The universe might explode if I tell you I love you. Better not risk it.

I wouldn't call you by any silly petnames.
I would just say your name over and over again until it stops sounding like a real word and just becomes a jumble of sounds that gives me butterflies on my stomach and goosebumps on the back of my neck

Everyday it gets harder and harder for me to hear you say, "I think I'm really ugly." And for me not to stand up and shout, "Stop! You are attractive! I love you! Let's get it on!"

I just want to know if your lips really feel the way I've been imagining them to for the past eight years.